About Fryzjerkowo

      Fryzjerkowo is very special hair salon for children. Let us explain how a typical visit looks like.

     Usually a child is very suspicious when entering to the shop but quickly curiosity kills the cat. Inside child is surrounded with colorful walls, toys like wild animals hanging from the ceiling and most important friendly “aunties” who take care of our guests.

     The young client usually choose the main attraction which is a jeep in which the haircut takes place. Child can choose a cape but sometimes putting it on is a big problem so to avoid any stress please bring a spare t-shirt. While having a hair cut child can watch cartoons on a special TV that’s looks like a lion. You can bring your own movies!

     Every haircut starts from strawberry rain and colorful bubbles dropping on the hair and end with special prize for the child. If it’s the first haircut then we make certificate with little sample of cut hair.

     We have many more ways to please our young guests and we try to do everything to make them happy. Of course everybody can have a “bad hair day”. We don’t force anything and sometime we advice to come again other time. It’s important for the child to have a good time and pleasant memories.


Hope to see you soon!